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Painting the Dream: The Shamanic Life and Art of David Chethlahe Paladin

Region: Northeast
Location: Anywhere in the world


David Chethlahe Paladin was one of the first Native American painters to move beyond traditional themes and styles of painting. His art has been praised for its exuberance, eclecticism, spirituality, and original use of symbols--alive with Navajo, Pueblo, Huichol, and Egyptian deities, Aboriginal Dreamtime images, and mythological beings of many ages and lands. A shaman as well as an artist, Paladin fulfilled his desire to live compassionately through his prose and paintings, illuminating a philosophy in which we are all creators when we respond with openness to our environment and our fellow beings. Through his art, Paladin fulfilled his desire to serve, to heal, and to walk the Navajo way of beauty.

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