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Region: United Kingdom
Location: Brecon, Wales


Sunday October 23rd from 11am to 6pm
At Sarah’s place near Brecon (less than one hour from the Severn Bridge)
Simple lunch provided.
Donations please to cover costs, all proceeds to Greenpeace charity

Calling all shamanic healers, especially those trained in psychopomp and middle world work..... also any other healers who would like to contribute their energy in person or from a distance. And elders from South Wales who remember the old days.

The recent tragic deaths of four miners in the Swansea Valley has painfully reminded many of us of South Wales' much greater and fairly recent heritage of mining disasters, poverty, and unconscious abuse of the land spirits. My family and I'm sure, many of your families were involved. Poverty and lifelessness are still a fact in many of the places affected, with areas being run down and forgotten, and levels of human depression and sickness very high.
We'll gather to firstly journey for information about what is needed. We will journey to perform a healing for the land spirits of South Wales, and to work with the spirits of those who departed in times of disaster, extreme working conditions, and poverty.
We will also make sure that each of us is properly checked over afterwards, and receives the healing we need in relation to the day. There are also likely to be different kinds of follow-up work which arise later, we will take these things forward as necessary.

This is an important healing for Wales as we live through fast changing times, and I'm sure the day will shed some interesting light on our beautiful land! or call 07968 010103 to book a place or to link to us.

Sarah ♥

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