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Elen Sentier: elder/teacher

Region: United Kingdom
Location: Hereford


Shamans are Walkers Between Worlds

I'm Elen Sentier, an awenyddion, a native British shaman following the Old Ways of this land, and a transpersonal therapist. For many years I've been helping folk realise their own shamanism through Rainbow Warriors and, more recently, Wye's Woman Shamans.

I offer workshops in Hereford crafting spirit dolls, talking sticks and crane bags as well as healing, counselling and personal journeywork. I also offer residential workshops on Exmoor, Dartmoor and in Scotland, involving walking in the wilds, wild-camping, ritual at ancient sites, sleeping in barrows and stone circles. I also do 1-1 mentoring with students; a 13 month course called Stalking Death and an internet course on the British tree lore (Ogham). Rainbow Warriors is the 3 year training in British native shamanism; curriculum includes journeying, soul & power retrieval, healing, Earth healing, ley/song/dragon line work, divination, death and dying.

I will travel to Europe and the USA.

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