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Munay-Ki, The shaman rites of passage

Region: United Kingdom
Location: Shropshire (the Midlands) UK


The Nine Great Rites of Enlightenment, know by the Q’ero Shaman of Peru, as the Munay-Ki, are the universal human rites of passage. Throughout history, every culture has known human people who lived at the highest quality of consciousness: Christ, Buddha, Gandi. People who are aware of the connectedness of all, and are masters of living energy. Most of these people received their level of enlightenment through spirit and the natural world. The Great Rites have always been available that way.
Today, however, we are blessed to be able to receive these Rites person to person. In some traditions, Rites are given to people who have accomplished a level of consciousness. In the tradition of the Q’ero Shaman of Peru, Rites are given at the beginning of the journey, to help guide the unfolding awakening

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