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Shamanic Nature Art Medicine

Region: United Kingdom
Location: Great Britain


Totems - Medicine Shields - Prayer Pots - Dreamcatchers etc.
For inspirational ideas for designs, symbolism and practical uses, go to:

Artistic creativity is first facilitated by a guided meditation or drumming a Shamanic Journey to access unconscious inner resources and spiritual guidance for art therapy project. A personal lone journey is then made into nature to connect intuitively to the materials to be used. Certain materials and directions of walking will attract us.

How wonderful to enter the sacred space of creating a self-expressive or healing medicine shield, dream-weaver, totem pole, Shaman's rattle, Healer's staff, aura duster, fetish pot (a "fetish" is an object with magical power to protect or aid), prayer stick or other symbolic work of art. Making symbolic items like these provides an excellent opportunity to express personal core values, qualities or aspirations.

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