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Messages from the Heart of the Mayan Lands: A FREE International 4-Day Virtual Telesummit

Region: Guatemala
Location: worldwide
Email: info@earthpeoplesunited.org
Website: http://www.2012MayanSummit.com


Earth Peoples United is proud to support Messages from the Heart of the Mayan Lands - A FREE Virtual Telesummit about December 2012 (Oxlajuj -13- Baq’tun) being held at the request of Mayan Wisdom Keepers who live in Guatemala. The Maya have asked to share their ancestral understanding of this time with their own voice. Mayans call this the 'Shift of the Ages' - a time where we are coming to the completion of a 26,000 year cycle of life. In this great transition, we are being asked to participate in the renewal of life upon Mother Earth.

We are being called to prepare and hold sacred space for ourselves, our families and our world. The Mayan Wisdom Keepers want their words to be shared with everyone for positive change, the evolution of the consciousness of humanity and to bring about healing.

This Telesummit is happening Thursday, April 12th through April 15th, 2012. There is no charge for the event. You can listen to as many of the Wisdom Keepers as you would like. If the days or times do not work well with your schedule, replays will be available to listen to for up to 48 hours after the event.

To participate in this free event, register at: www.2012MayanSummit.com

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