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12 Day Ayahausca Retreat with Shipibo Women Healers

Region: Peru
Location: Iquitos
Email: info@templeofthewayoflight.org
Website: http://templeofthewayoflight.org


The Temple of the Way of Light - BENA CAYA AINBOBO (A New Feminine Spirit) is a Shipibo ayahuasca healing center offering intensive 12 day Ayahuasca retreats with women healers near Iquitos in Peru.

We work with some of the most respected and powerful female healers (Onanya) from the Shipibo tribe, many of whom have only previously worked within their communities. All our Onanya are experienced, gentle, caring, and deeply dedicated to healing.

Our workshops include:

* A high ratio of healers to guests 7 healers per workshop.
* Seven ayahuasca ceremonies over the 12 day workshop.
* A steam bath
* Daily floral baths
* Energetic healing massages.
* Vomitivos (stomach cleansing)
* All food and accommodation
* Individual consultations
* Group meetings to share your experiences

Please visit our website for more information - www: http://templeofthewayoflight.org or email us at: info@templeofthewayoflight.org

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