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Region: Central
Location: Bali, Indonesia


A Spiritual and Healing Journey to
The Land of God

FEBRUARY 1st – 15th, 2012
NOVEMBER 29th – DECEMBER 13th, 2012
FEBRUARY 14th – 28th, 2013

Bali is called “The Island of God” or “The Morning of the World”, and in the history of Indonesia, Bali was from its very beginnings a spiritual destination and final destination for high priests.

It is a place of aesthetic and physical beauty, not only in the architecture and the land, but also reflected in the Balinese who live there, and in their art, music and culture which form an integral part of their lives. Too, the mountains and the ocean, representing positive and negative energies or yin and yang, maintain a perfect balance and harmony with the land.

This journey is an introduction to the deeper, spiritual and healing aspects of Bali. Travel not only through the country, but experience the essence of Bali. This is a place where the people not only have a strong relationship to the land, each other and the divine, but giving thanks to the Divine is part of every day life, and an acknowledgement of the seen and unseen exist side by side.

On this journey you will have the opportunity to meet with healers and trance channelers and experience personal healing sessions; participate in ceremonies and meditations in sacred places; take a daily yoga class; have visits and private ceremonies in temples; snorkel in some of the best coral reefs on the planet; enjoy dance and music performances; have massages and spa treatments; visit markets and purchase arts and crafts; and simply enjoy the richness and traditions of a land steeped in an ancient and mystical culture.

If one comes with an open heart and mind, anyone with any sensitivity who comes to Bali will experience its healing energy and come away from it changed.

COST: $2,350
• Airport pick-up
• 14 nights at beautiful Balinese hotels (double occupancy); Single supplement available with a $750 extra charge
• All breakfasts and either a lunch or dinner each day
• Land transportation
• A daily yoga class
• Two massages and a spa treatment
• Visits with remarkable Balinese visionaries, healers, trance experts
• Sacred temple sites/ceremonies
• Dance and music performances
• Snorkeling equipment and boat.

NOT INCLUDED: Airfare; airport taxes; visa fees ($25.00); tips; laundry; individual excursions; some lunches/dinners; personal expenses.

CONTACT: JAYA BEAR • Tel: 575-751-0349
P.O. BOX 2860 • RANCHOS DE TAOS, NM 87557
web site:

Testimonials from some past participants:

“ Jaya – Want to tell you what an extraordinary two weeks this has been for me! The people you chose to work with us – our tour guides, healers, hotel owners, and of course Made our yoga instructor – all of them enriched our experience. Your itinerary, especially including sacred places and ceremonies, offered us a profound opportunity to experience personal transformation. This is truly a magical place, and I thank you for not just skimming the surface, but making Bali real for me. I know this trip will continue to transform me for many months to come.”
– Lauriel L., Albuquerque

“We knew we’d love Bali, but it was an unexpected delight to get to know the people at a deeper level and avoid the throngs of tourists, settling into the lovely natural timing and spirit of the island with Jaya. Everywhere we looked, beauty unbounded, everyone we met gave us the gift of their beautiful smiles and gentle spirituality, and reaffirmed that we are all one across the planet. From the many amazing temples to superb art and constant spiritual devotion, we were touched deeply by the Bali experience that Jaya led us through. On a couple of occasions when we wanted to do something different than was planned for the group, Jaya demonstrated genuine flexibility and made the arrangements for us. She really cared that everyone had a fabulous experience of Bali, its people and its spirituality!”
– Ann & Ivan K., Colorado

“Jaya artfully organized a journey which allowed me to quickly connect with the Spirit of Bali – her lands, her people and her traditions – without ever compromising the journey’s primary focus: spiritual exploration, growth and healing. The gift of being able to stay within a royal family compound and villas, allowed my life to be touched and enriched as I was welcomed in as one of the family. This set a perfect tone for working with profound Balinese healers, daily yoga practice with an amazing Balinese yogi, and powerful temple ceremonies.
In Bali it was impossible to forget that the Sacred is all around us and inside of us. I left Bali more whole than when I came, and the Spirit of Bali will always be with me. I am very grateful for this experience, and for Jaya. My life is forever changed by the love, the healing and the growth which this journey gave me. Namaste!”
– Moses C., Arizona

“Bali comes alive without hassles when guided by Jaya. We visited temples and experienced healers and yoga teachers who are truly exceptional. At the end of the trip you feel as if you have experienced the essence of Bali and that your spirit has been cleansed.”
– Sharada B., New Jersey

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