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Itzhak BeeryIn the summer of 1994 I experienced a moment of divine intervention. I was on my way to Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii to teach Goals Setting and movement therapy. As the car waited to take me to the airport, I picked up Hank Wasselman's book Spirit Walkers. The book changed my life (Mahalo Hank!). A few months later I decided to take Michael Harner's, John Perkins', and Nan & David's workshops at the NY Open Center. I had begun my life's work.

In 1997 I traveled with John Perkins and Dream Change to the Andes and the Shuar tribe in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. There I made a promise, in a plant vision, to the spirit of the jungle. I promised to help it survive the onslaught of the encroaching Western civilization, to help preserve its vast spiritual and medicinal knowledge and the keepers of its wisdom.