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Joy  BrughI was in the office of my third therapist in the last ten years. In passing during our session, he mentioned he was a Shaman. That day was the end of me; but I had already “died” inside along time ago.

The death of the old me was a slow painful process; like a silent cancer that systemically feeds off of you until one day you realize you’re like the walking dead. That’s how I was -- overweight, in physical pain, deeply depressed and on anti-depressants. I was good at pretending things were okay, but inside me nothing was alive. On the roughest of days or darkest of nights, I’d cower in a corner of my closet or the bathroom crying hysterically, begging and praying for an answer that would take my heartache and pain away; sometimes even begging to be taken away myself.

I’d been trying to make sense of my life, to find a peace inside; but could never manage to get there. I had tried what I was told would work - prayer, meditation, affirmations, etc. Nothing worked. I was swimming upstream and getting nowhere.

On that fateful day in the therapist office my world turned upside and changed forever. After my therapist told me he was a Shaman he asked if I would like to have a shamanic healing. I didn’t have much knowledge of this, had no expectations so why not? Now, for a girl who spent 12 years in Catholic schools, it seemed a little woohoo. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when I left, but deep within in my being I could feel that something was different. It was subtle yet so powerful all at once.

Prior to this day, I had been trying to wean myself off my anti-depressants with no luck. BUT after that shamanic healing I never took another anti-depressant! So who cared about woohoo. Every week I went to my session, have the “talk therapy” and then some shamanic healing. Within six months I was done with therapy!

My life started changing dramatically, not always easy; but I moved through the challenges quickly with ease, peace, love and no medication. I found my personal strength and inner beauty. I was alive again and it felt good.

Because of shamanism my personal struggles gave way to personal triumphs. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that were it not for the Shamanism I’d still be sitting in a therapist office and searching for an answer. Today I walk the Inka Medicine Path as a mesa carrier. The Four Directions guide me through all the Winds of Change. I am alive and I sing the sweet Song of Life. Aho