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Chris DavidsonWhen I was still new to Shamanic Journeying, I had an experience that completely changed how I viewed the Spirit Helpers. At that time I was having powerful Journey experiences, but I was still somewhat in the mindset if its not tangible then its not real. So I wasnt entirely sure that the Helpers were authentic. I thought they could be some kind of mental projection or even a light hypnosis

How I made that turn into certainty came through an experience that only the Helpers could have orchestrated. It happened nearly twenty years ago when I was volunteering to support friends in Journeying.

One day a person wanted to Journey for a healing. I agreed, and we began. She was lying on a mat in the classic way, with a cloth over her eyes. I was drumming and calling the Helpers and doing all that one does to create the climate for a Journey to occur.

But nothing was happening for her. She had no visions or sensations of any kind. And I was getting flummoxed and confused.

Then suddenly in my spirit vision, three Spirit Helpers showed up. I saw them quite clearly which was unusual for me.

One of them stepped forward and spoke with me. He said, Were here because you called us but we really dont know why were here.

Since I was still new to the Helpers I thought maybe I needed to be very clear with them.

So I replied slowly (almost as if they were thick-headed), Were here for a healing experience. Shes come for a healing. Would you please help her with a healing?

He looked over at her and sniffed. Then he said No, shes not here for a healing. Shes here to put another notch on her belt to say...been there, done that.

He sniffed again and grew a little taller. And said firmly, And were not tourist guides.

Then he started talking to me in the same slow way Id been talking with him as if I were thick-headed.

He said, Were not tourist guides.


We HELP people.

And then to make really sure I understood, he spelled it out with his finger. H E L P

Then they left.

And I knew I didnt have the capacity to make something like that up! From that point on, I understood the Helpers are real. My whole paradigm shifted. And I found myself embracing without hesitation the clarity and support that the Helpers bring, which has completely transformed my life.