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Patricia TurnerFor the last 15 years I have been working with and hosting our indigenous elders from around the world through the 501(c)(3) non-profit, Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation. While still working in the field of Marine Science, I was seeking a better way to be of service to my people and to this beautiful Mother Earth.

One weekend in Santa Barbara California I was hosting Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Kalaallit Eskimo Shaman of Greenland and I remember telling a friend how incredibly moved I was by his loving power and healing abilities and then, with tears in my eyes, saying, "I just wish I had something to bring to the table". My friend looked at me with amazement and said, "You made all this possible by organizing this whole event". There was no part of my heart and soul that felt this was of much importance in the situation.

After so many years of learning from our indigenous brothers and sisters, sharing in initiations, ceremony, sweat lodges and vision quests, I spent more than a year trying to come to the conclusion that "I am enough" and I began to offer a 6 month program of initiations for women. I had already been offering sweat lodges, the events with elders and counsel circles for years. My first group of women were composed of 7 incredible, strong and spiritual beings.

On the 5th of May 2012, it was a time of a powerful full moon. My initiates and myself had planned to welcome Grandmother Moon as she rose into the sky. We walked out onto my deck and the sky was so socked in with clouds that it seemed impossible to hope to have any view of her moonrise.

Together with my beautiful sisters we began to sing to her and to pray that we might welcome her rise. The clouds opened with a glorious circle and Grandmother Moon rose into the circle and back out of it after which the opening slowly dissipated. What an incredible way to see the doubt created by western culture just diminish like melting ice. I looked at all the women and just said, "Never forget this moment, believe in your own immensity, in our connections to all that is."

When we believe we can, when we believe we are heard, we are! If we believe we are not heard, we aren't. No longer do I doubt that "I am enough" to offer the wisdom that has been passed on to me. This path has been the most joyful of my life and initiations are my calling.