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Glenn WillardIn 2002 I went on a group trip to India. It was a spiritually based group and we did many pilgrimages to various shrines and temples in the Himalayas. Not that any of us were Hindi, in fact most of us were from Christian based religions, exploring our own inner wisdom.
It was a three week trip and we covered lots of ground. We travelled by bus, and then by foot and or horse back to the various sites. At about the midway point on our journey, we were on our way to the source of the Ganges, a glacier called Gamook.
I could not sleep that night, because of the excitement of the trip and what was happening to me. It was a mind expanding experience. My senses were in high gear - sight, sound, touch, smell were all intensified. My psychic senses were intensified as well. While lying in bed trying to sleep a black wolf kept appearing in front of me, in my minds eye. I tried to think of other things, such as what happened earlier in the day. I tried to relax my mind with various meditation techniques. I even tried thinking about sex. No matter what I tried, I could not sleep and the black wolf would not go away. It sat there staring at me. Its expression was not menacing, just neutral. No matter where I directed my mind the wolf was there - facing me, looking at me, waiting for me. It seemed like it went on for hours.
I finally gave in, and I directed a thought toward the black wolf. “OK, I am yours, devour me.” With that, the wolf came closer and enveloped me in darkness, then we both dissolved into white light. A feeling of relief, joy and bliss came over me. I related the story the next morning to my fellow travelers with tears in my eyes. The closest thing I can think to call this experience would be a Shamanic death.
Since then I have delved more into the study of Shamanism. I discovered that some of the rituals I had been doing were of shamanic origin, and have an ever increasing awareness that everything is conscious, and that we can communicate with not only plants and animals, but seemingly inanimate objects. ‘We are One’ is not just a new age expression. It is a knowing. Separation is the illusion that is to be overcome.