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James RogersSince quite a young age i have been fascinated by tribal culture, and looking back to some extent shamanism, however things really kick started for me a few years ago. Always sounds crazy, but basically i was sat in my living room at my computer desk minding my own business, when something caught my eye. I turned my head to see what i can only describe as a see-through serpent type 'thing' gliding through the air across the room. I did not react at all, it happened quickly, but it felt like slow motion. It drifted to my right side and turned in a coiling fashion and flew straight into my chest.
I felt nothing, only shock .

It took some time to absorb what had happened, up until that point i'd never seen anything strange in my life. I was not on medication, alcohol or drugs.
After that event i have seem to have adopted a new way of thinking, my interests have changed and feel i am on a path discovering more about myself and reality. I have come to regard myself as shamanic or at least having a shamanic outlook on life.

I don't know if i shall ever become a shaman, as this is term i believe should only be earned over time and is up to others to decide. I know i will always pursue this path.