Tell a friend

Ascyna Talking Raven experience from the book I am publishing in September..Friends came in and out of the house caring for me, but most of the day I was alone, just looking out of my bedroom window at a huge cottonwood tree as it changed colors. Summer rushed away, Fall was settling in with all the changes of beautiful color it carried. I prepared to die. Then as quickly as one blink of an eye, my life changed.

It was early morning and I had slept restlessly the night before, couldn’t think about eating anything and beginning to suffer from the effects of dehydration. I was dozing with a light breeze from the open window flowing across my fever-ravaged body; covered with a sheet and wearing a light cotton gown. I suddenly sensed someone looking at me. Fear grabbed me by the throat! I hoped it wasn’t the bear again. Peeking out from between my eyelashes, I saw a strikingly handsome man at the foot of my bed. Well, I thought, at least my hallucinations are getting better!

He was robed in soft white that shimmered with the breeze from the open window. The kindest aquamarine eyes I had ever seen peered at me from a face of remarkable kindness. Dark brown hair gently surrounded his head and he stood somewhere close to six feet tall. He raised his hands toward me and with a beseeching gesture of his hands said, “It is time to depart this vessel and return to the One Who Is. Your vessel is beyond restoration. I have been sent to escort you” I just knew it was my wishful thinking speaking to me at the foot of my bed. Wait till I tell my friends about this one!

He began to chant strange and eerie words in a monotone pedantic rhyme. I felt like the hair on my head was standing straight up, as the room became charged with static electricity. A sense of euphoria crept from my toes to the top of my head. I felt like I was being dissolved and pulled toward his hands.

At this point, as I began to feel like I was turning to liquid, beside the bed next to me appeared another gorgeous man. This being was about the same height as the one at the foot of the bed, but his hair was a light brown and his eyes were a bluer shade of color. He held up his hand toward the man at the foot of the bed and said, “Halt! She is not to leave this incarnation yet. There is much work for her to finish, that she covenanted to do in this incarnation.”

As I lay there, thinking that things were getting pretty weird in my bedroom, the being at the foot of my bed said, “By whose authority do you require me to stop extracting this soul?”
“By the authority of (this name still remains unheard in my head), who has charge of this one’s current incarnation.” I was very absorbed in what this being was saying, and trying to understand the name he had mentioned. It was as if they were speaking in a foreign language. I knew what they were saying, but couldn’t make out the name of authority.

“I bow to His authority and commands”, said the dark haired being. and when I looked to the foot of my bed, he was gone.

Whew! This hallucinating stuff is tiring! So thinking, I began to drift off to sleep. Drifting was as far as I got before the voice of the being beside me reminded me that he was still there.

“I have been sent to repair and restore the vessel with which you clothe yourself, that you may be able to continue in this incarnation and fulfill the covenants you made”.

This was confusing to me, as the handsome being at the foot of my bed had stated quite emphatically that my 'vessel' was beyond repair. While I was pondering over this inconsistency in my hallucination, and thinking it didn't matter, because it was all my fever induce imagination, It did not occur to me that I should question him about my confusion. After all, he was just a figment of my fever.

The being beside me continued his instructions.
“When I have completed this task, you will release body fluid from every orifice and pore of your physical body. This substance will be very toxic to any living being from this dimension. Next, you will wash your body to remove the residue. When the cleansing is complete, you will gather up all the soiled bedding, receptacles of fluid waste and put it all in a deep hole for the Earth to take care of. After placing it in the Earth, you will burn off as much as will allow itself to be consumed in fire, and then fill the soil of the Earth over it.”

Right!! I could hardly get out of bed to use the bedside commode! That’s why we had put an old plastic shower curtain under the sheet, so I wouldn’t soil the mattress. But I was going to wash myself, gather everything up, and take it down the stairs, down the
hillside to level ground, dig a hole, throw it in, set it on fire, and then top it off by tossing dirt in the hole! Now I knew I was having a really whopper of a hallucination!

So thinking, I began to drift off to sleep. My eyes were suddenly jerked open when high-pitched sounds began to fill the room. He had his hands about six inches from my body and was moving them in a rhythmic back and forth motion from my head to my feet. From his mouth were sounding tones that I didn’t think could be made on this Earth. They weren’t unpleasant, but very strange to my uneducated ears. Without knowing it at the time, I was receiving an energy treatment of celestial proportions. This time when my eyes closed, I did sleep.

Sometime later, I awoke to find him gone. Well, at least I hadn’t been bored this day. No sooner had that thought rushed through my mind, then I began to sweat, and barely made it to the bedside commode before I began to release from my body an amazing amount of matter. I grabbed a large bowl from beside the bed and hung my head over it. From my eyes, nose, ears and mouth more “stuff” flowed. Oily sweat rolled off my body. It smelled terrible. I could hardly breathe. Just as quickly as it began, it stopped.

The only thing I could think was, this can’t be real. But it was real. I thought I had better do what the Being said, so I walked to the middle of the room and standing on another shower curtain we had placed on the floor for bathing purposes, poured water on a cloth, and began to wash my body, adding more water to remove the residue of sweat and then rinse my body.

Where was the energy coming from for me to complete this task? Amazement began to fill my heart when I realized that the fever was gone! Six weeks of misery—over. And I was infused with new energy, still weak, but at least able to walk.

I began to gather everything as instructed by the “hallucination”, and walked down the stairs for the first time in two months. Dressed in the clothes in which I was born; I grabbed some matches on the way out the door. Looking down the hillside, I noticed a huge hole in the Earth. At least I wouldn’t have to dig a hole, because there was the unfilled perk test hole for a septic system made before I took to my bed. No one had bothered to fill it.

With the relief of knowing my task would not be so difficult, I walked down the hillside to the hole in the earth. Right beside the test hole was a pile of wood that hadn’t been cut into firewood, and a can of saw gas! This is getting better and better! I tossed in this huge Santa Claus bundle of “goodies” and poured gas over it, flicked a lit match into the hole, and watched it burn for a couple of minutes. I grabbed the shovel, so conveniently left by the hole, tossed in a few shovels full of dirt, and drug myself up the hill. I walked naked into the house and up the stairs. Threw the blanket at the foot of the bed over the mattress and collapsed into a deep restful sleep for the first time in weeks.