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Laurie NadelAlthough I have been practicing shamanic healing for two decades, I continue to be awed by the power, beauty, and pragmatic results of journeying.

It was several months after my meeting with a Shuar shaman in the Ecuadorian rainforest. I had asked him to open my spiritual vision. "That's easy for me," he said. Soon after my return, I bought a blue cottage near the ocean. It needed lots of work! But for three months, I was unable to find a plumber who would fix the drains needed to install a new bathtub. There was a giant hole where the bathtub would stand; it occupied one of the bedrooms. There was a pile of dirt in the front room and a ditch large enough to hold three men in the front garden. I decided to set up a mesa and journey for information about what was blocking progress. In the journey, two male entities were sighted over the drain. I thanked my power animal for guiding me to the source of the problem and performed an energy cleansing ritual. The next day, a plumber came to the door and said, "I hear you have been having some problems getting your work completed. I will take care of it." And he did! My uncle gave me a funny look and said, "You did something, didn't you?" Since I do not reveal my sources, my only response was a shamanic smile.