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Nancy HuberI resonated with the Munay -Ki Rites as soon as I heard about them. After one gifting a woman channeled
"you have promised to give these Rites every lifetime and they are done well daughter". Many see a chief in full
head dress and an old heavy medicine woman with me when I gift. I can sense but not see their presence.
I have been told by a few that the medicine woman was me in another time. Had trouble getting my head around that one
until a few sessions ago when one who sees, says that when I start to gift a Rite, I step back and she steps in and does the gifting. Often things happen and I've attached the comments from one session. When we called in the powers the energies left me too shaky to teach. One woman who had a print out of the teachings said she was guided to take over and do the teaching. She demonstrated the fire breath perfectly and when I asked if she had done this before she said "no, but they are telling me what to do". She hadn't even received the first Rite and was already connected with the Laika. It was a powerful afternoon and I've attached some of the comments. By the end, I needed two spotters with me when I gifted because people were collapsing and crying. This is not ordinary. I've some people coming in this afternoon to receive the Transformational Rites. One said she had seen a chief in her mirror and knew she was to take these to Scotland when she goes
there at the end of this month. I wish for all of humanity to have these to change how we treat each other and our beautiful planet.
Kindest Regards