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Bonnie SanderaBack in 2006 I had written a series of Novels. I had an agent who was working on selling them to publishers. After a year she was not able to sell them and we parted ways and I fell into a deep depression.
I went to visit a renown meduim in the area, Shelia Hand. She was quite sick with cancer and consented to see me as one of her last clients.
she told me that I would be published, but I needed to clear all the doubts and fear I had in and around me regarding fear of success. After leaving her office I prayed and prayed to be guided to the place where I could learn to release the past and move forward with my life.
Several months later I was led to Four-Winds society and began my Shamanic Journey toward healing. I am now a Shamanic practitioner in the Wilmington, North Carolina area.
I have just published the first of my seven Novels, 'Deadly Secrets.' on Amazon Kindle. It is about a woman who was molested as a child and seeks the help of a Shaman to help her release the past and move forward with her life.
I thank God everyday for the guidance of Shelia Hand and the gift of shamanic Healing in my life.