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In 2008 I had been a practicing Shaman assisting healing with people for 14 years. On April 1 my daughter Lisa died suddenly on her way to the hospital in an ambulance. I was working on her from the hospital lawn saw her chest explode with light and she told me "I'm gone Mom." Lisa awakened me to so many things in her 29 years on the planet and since then. She was called to help spirits and people when she lived here and did not feel comfortable and did not choose to. Two weeks after she died I had a call from a woman out of state who needed an exorcism immediately. I was still in shock and deep grief and still I was called to do it it the moment on the phone. I asked my helping spirits for assistance and guardianship and opened to the healing. Lisa came in immediately and assisted with lightening strength and speed, her in heavenly realms and me on earth as a team. She laughed and said "This is so much easier on this side Mom." This was the beginning of my journey with Lisa on the other side and how our lives continue on all dimensions. Our soul relationship is profound and she is so happy and helping many here and elsewhere. She continues to be a great teacher and friend. I am grateful to be on this journey and calling that opened me to live in many worlds as one for many reasons and especially to have this loving relationship with my amazing daughter continue and deepen my love and the understanding of all dimensions as one.