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Carlos TannerWhen I was twenty-eight years old, I appeared to be a successful person. I was a production manager at an alternative newsweekly, made a good salary, enjoyed my work, lived in a beautiful house, drove a cool car, had a beautiful girlfriend, performed as a musician at events each weekend, had many friends and was well known in my community. It seemed like I had achieved what most people seek, a good life. But under the surface, I was miserable. I had little to no relationship with my mother, used a frightening amount of a variety of drugs, and in between my false social displays of happiness was depressed and had little energy. I was also sick with an illness doctors could not accurately diagnose, much less cure.
After just four ayahuasca ceremonies with a shaman in the Amazon Rainforest, I was healed of my illness, began the process of rekindling my relationship with my mother, regained my happiness and energy, and found my path in life. It was the shamanic tradition that literally saved my life. Now, I run healing retreats in the Amazon Rainforest, am married, happy, and healthy. I am so thankful for shamanism and ayahuasca for helping me to find my true path in life, one that would lead to real happiness and satisfaction.