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George RomakaMy partner, Beth, was uninsured.

Beth had a sudden onset of gallbladder attack symptoms. I had been living largely behind an emotional wall.I'd felt a shamanic calling but was afraid to step into it. Her trip to the hospital, screaming in pain, caused me to overlook my fears and anxieties and journey for the first time. So I put in my ear buds, laid down, and started a journey track.

I traveled through fields and meadows. Wolf was with me at first, and sent me on my path. I floated free, through mountains. Earth! The rock and ground that holds us steady!

I came out in the hospital, seeing Beth on the ground in pain. My heart broke for her. I screamed at the doctors! I stood on the nurses station counter and railed against the establishment that wouldn’t help her!

I flew up, over the land, the air rushing past me, fueling the anger I felt. I descended into the senate building. All over the senate floor were naked, writhing bodies, undulating and pulsing in an orgy of greed and willful ignorance. I wanted to tear it apart! But I felt I that moment that there was nothing I could do about the corruption just then, and that I was on a journey for a reason. I called that reason out.

I flew back to Beth, through her body, finding the issue that was causing so much pain and distress. I tried to call fire to burn away the blockage. I didn’t feel it was successful, and continued on out of her.

I passed again through mountains that parted for me, revealing caves and holes to travel through. All around me were spirits. They looked like monsters, and aliens, and fantastic creatures of myth and legend. I was not afraid. I felt no malice from them. I realized they were merely taking forms that I would relate to. So I travelled deeper and deeper, ending up in a city of spirits.

I had found them. The ancestors of the doctors and healers in that hospital. They were expecting me. They knew my purpose. I reached out to plead with them, to beg them for help. As my fingers barely grazed the closest one, they all glowed from the inside, brightly. En masse, and as one, they took flight, flying away towards their descendants, to whisper words of compassion in their ears.

I felt at peace. I had done what I set out to do. Elated, I took flight once more, coming out through the rock into an ocean. I saw magnificent sea monsters and creatures there. But the real world was encroaching on me.

I heard my three dogs barking in the living room. So I snapped my eyes open and skipped to the call back. When I came out of the bedroom, my dogs were looking like they’d seen ghosts.

I met my Animal Helper, and started breaking through my wall. Forever changed, forever grateful.