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Kelley HarrellShamanism has given me a framework through which to understand the way life has always presented itself to me. In childhood I saw the dead and was aware of souls walking outside their bodies. I was not raised in a tradition that could help me make sense of these experiences or give me training in how to manage and develop my abilities. When I learned about shamanism at 17, I realized that I wasn't alone and was seeing life in precisely the way I was supposed to. Over the years of my initiation and education in neoshamanic studies, among my responsibilities as a neoshaman I have sought to create a community for other such modern mystics who have not been supported in their gifts, and who have often been demonized as a result of them. I was not raised in a shamanic lineage; therefore, I do not claim one other than that of my creation. Likewise I do not present a specific path of shamanism, but present a map for others to create their own. I am very pleased to work with others in a shamanic capacity through a community I call The Tribe of the Modern Mystic. Despite amazing gifts, not everyone chooses to be a modern shaman, though providing the support to realize the full self without the struggles I went through at least gives more people the option.