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Kat SquiresIn 1992 I was in a physically abuse marriage, my husband was an alcoholic and insane. We came home from the grocery store and he beat the hell out of me for looking out the car window at a house. For 12 years of our marriage I lived like a prisoner. Couldn't talk on phone or go anywhere and talk to anyone. When he beat me up he hit me so hard he cracked my cheekbone, and broke my wrist. he punched me over and over and started to choke me, i was ready to give up and die, but something told me to scream out for my 11 year old son to call the police and he ran out of the house and called the cops on the neighbors phone. My ex-husband was arrested for domestic abuse and aggregated battery. he continued to make death threats to me and before our divorce hearing came up he told me he was going to make me sell the house and give half the money to him. I had bought my house out of a trust fund that I had and he didn't work so I supported him as well. my attorney told me she couldn't help save my house. I live by the river and the night before my divorce I prayed, i was so afraid, I fell into a deep sleep and in my dream I was standing behind my house by the river and a giant turtle came out of the river that was as big as a house I tried to run from it, and fell, I turned around and the turtle spoke to me it said" stand up and speak the truth he cannot hurt you." I went to court the next day and the judge called me up to the witness stand and I told him everything that happened and he called the clerk to get a law book and looked something up and I got to keep my house and was safe. I regard the turtle as my totem. I didn't know anything about totems back then but I knew something profound had contacted me. That was my first shamanic experience. I am safe now and free and practice shamanism.