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Bonnie McLeanI lived in Australia 1993-1995. I was teaching and really enjoying myself I started reading books on shamanism and felt called to dedicate my life to being a caretaker of the earth. I asked some women to witness my vows and said them on the Burleigh Headland, an ancient Aboriginal sacred birthing place in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. I said I was willing to go where I needed to go and do what I needed to do to my work for the Mother. Within a couple of months I found myself on a plane headed back for California. I went to the Basic Training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in San Diego given by Dr. Michael Harner. We were instructed to retrieve power animals for our partner. What was retrieved for me was a House Wren and a Blue Heron. I was disappointed as I had hoped to get something like a jaguar. Some months later I drove across the country to my older son's wedding in my home town of Pensacola, Fl. The first thing I saw as I drove into Pensacola was a Blue Heron. I had been invited to interview with a chiropractor in Pensacola and went, even though I was planning to take a teaching job with an acupuncture college that had been offered in Santa Fe, N.M. During the interview a House Wren landed on the roof of his office. I accepted that job. That job only lasted a few months. I was shaking my fists at those power animals for a couple of years. But now I am working in the most wonderful office. I have been here for almost 3 years. I work with an amazing chiropractor who is an incredible energy healer and four massage therapists who are also healers. Now long ago a Blue Heron landed on the roof and now we have a statue of one in front of the office. I often see House Wrens in the yard of my little cottage. Being on the Gulf of Mexico has had it's challenges, including some major hurricanes and the Gulf Oil Spill. Healing is needed here....alot of it!... but I am also surrounded with a loving and supportive community. I feel I am in the place my soul guided me to and wants me to be.