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Tanya AdamsMy healing story began a long time ago but what I call “the healing adventure” began in 2006.

We all have an aspect of ourselves that could be transformed. Whether it is physical, emotional, at the level of Spirit or from a previous lifetime there is often a story of “dis-ease” that needs transforming.

The Ayahuasca ceremony can be a deep release on all of these levels. It is a sacred journey of healing and oneness with all that is.

The Earth Spirit Yoga - Peru and Bolivia Retreats began with a deep and beautiful healing journey.

This journey took me through the pain of severe endometriosis and then the debilitating illness of Chronic Fatigue with more pain and depleted life energy.

For almost five years these debilitating conditions made it impossible for me to work and even functioning in the world day to day was a difficult and painful experience.

The many doctors I had consulted knew no cause or cure and after trying many natural healing methods I was eventually told that I would just have to accept that this was life for me now and that I would never be any more well.

Within days of hearing this I was booked on a flight to Peru.
Inspired by my partner’s experiences years before in the Ecuadorian Amazon, I found myself in the most profoundly beautiful experience of my life deep in the Peruvian jungle with a shaman who is now a dear friend and the sacred healing plant, Ayahuasca.
(Finding the right person to guide me to a strong and experienced shaman was an important part of my journey and in this I was very blessed.)

The journeys were powerful and beautiful. The visions I was gifted with were deep and insightful. Words cannot express where I traveled and what I experienced. I can only say that after two nights with this sacred medicine all of the pain had gone, I was able to see and think clearly for the first time in years and my energy was like that of a child.
I was reborn.

Journal entry June 25th 2006

First Ayahuasca ceremony last night.
Shaman’s songs stayed strongly singing with me till late morning.
This morning I feel changed. I know Her now. (Pachamama/Mother Earth)
Wondering how I could be for so long without knowing Her or connecting with Her or remembering Her. Is this why I became sick?

Journal entry June 27th 2006

Pachamama has healed and nurtured me with her sacred medicine and the old story of pain, suffering and disconnection was left behind in the jungle.
Now in it’s place is love and joy and a child-like bliss.

I first went to Peru in 2006 and in just two nights the story of more than 5 years of pain and suffering was over. I was healed and had discovered the magic of the plant spirits and a new connection and oneness with the Earth and was inspired to share the magic with others.

That year, during plant ceremony, I made a commitment to the plant spirits to work for them by bringing people to the Amazon for transformation and healing.
This is when Earth Spirit Yoga was born and since then many Earth Spirit Yoga Retreat groups have journeyed deep in the Amazon jungle with plant medicine and felt their Spirits soar in the Andes mountains with the Q’ero shamans.