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Sosha Lillielys GornitzkaDear beautiful souls, I was born with the gift of seeing and healing, but didn't want to use it, I didn't want to be different from others, but as a kid I suffered from a malfunction in my heart, also I had bronchites, often other diseases added up to it, so, when I was about 6 I had a near-death experience. Then, when I was about 37 years old I ended up at hospital with colitis ulcerosa and could'nt eat, they put my bed next to a huge wall-to-wall window, and there, down below I saw some beech-trees, I reached out my hand and thought I touched a leaf, then I floated out of my body and healed myself several times, I then realized what my special true values of life were, and I realized that I would need a harp for life, shortly after my kids "by accident" had turned the knobs of the radio, in this way I learned about shamanism, and one day when I played this harp for life, my power animal turned up, a Cougar, so, I had a power animal retrieval by my first shaman teacher, and now I work full-time and help many people. May I add, that today I'm perfectly healthy.