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Dr Johan ClaassensI am a double Doctorate in Psychology and while studying Ethno Psychology (INDIGENOUS PSYCHOLOGY) due to the diverse and many multi cultures that exist in South Africa i recieved the calling to become a white sangoma (shaman). It has been the most difficult journey to follow. The up's and down's are too numerous to mention in one writing.All i can say is that without the sangoma (shamanic) journey my life would've been a total mess. I have learned that every person has a contribution to make in society regardless of their colour, race or creed. Please understand that up until 18 years ago South Africa was ruled by the white minority, and the average white persons upbringing led them to believe that we were the superior race. It wasn't until i took my journey and learned the way of the ancestors that i came to realize and understand we are all one!Without each other there can be no internal spiritual happiness. No completeness of our higher selfs. No understanding of another persons needs.