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The spirits and many others for years said I was a Shaman why growing up I did not believe I was worthy of this title.. But.. I read about how those called to Shamanism and cloud hearding in many cultures were called by a close encounter with lightning bolt. Within minutes of reading this lightning struck the room above me huge fireball flew out of the corner of the room the storm this bolt came from was not even within the state of Wisconsin yet, It was in Iowa a real bolt out of the blue.. could just barely see faint flickers of the storm on the horizon that did not arrive until sunrise the next morning ... I still was not convinced.. 10 years later I started to study shamanism.. and I was waken by spirits warned our house was gonna get hit by lightning to make sure everyone was safe in bed.. on my way down the stairs... I asked is this my call to shamanism, nah I can't be that lucky I am just a spirit worker..? Just joking.. and walked down the stairs but then I heard drums and started to dance side ways to the top of 8 steps.. when I just wanted to get down stairs cause I was terrified of lightning and just saw it on what I thought was the roof it was the window sill the planter where the spider plants I used to raise sat.. next I know I see the flash and blue streak the lightning struck the bathroom 11 feet from me one bolt came out my way acrossed my arms and by this time i leaped into the air to jump backwards down the stairs from it.. it held me by the chest like a magnet then all at once felt like I was flying backwards through oblivion... I went through what looked like universe and stars formation that I later found is called the pleides a place just at the end of that beyond a cloud.. heard the words welcome home... saw such beauty.. I closed my spiritual eyes and said no I don't want to be home yet please let me live.. then found myself standing at the bottom of the stairs held up by two angels on my feet.. This experience gave me a serious rude awakening about my call and I was in denial for weeks that the lightning actually struck me.. but the marks of the bolt were left like razor like marks all over the upstairs bathroom walls... and since then.. I have been lightning shocked over 10 times I am prone to it about 2 times a year.. for most such an experience would be negative cause of the health issues but these experiences gave me hope, and i learned to trust and love the thunderspirits even when I jokingly asked them to kill my old computer.. Did not expect 4 weeks ago for them to not only kill mine but moms too :) .. good thing house insurance got us both some good new ones.. just hope that lightning does not harm these ones :) .. But it is a blessing I have a good working computer so I can return to working online and participating.. I have so much share... but the lightning experiences and witnessing the unbelievable things happen at my hands, or information that comes to has made a serious good impact.. I still however need to learn to trust myself before I can step into more active shamanism role.. I am still reluctant.. with most things cept prayer working, helping people or animals cross over, and calling thunderstorms. - DNatureofDTrain


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