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To keep my story brief I'll tell the short version of my journey. I grew up a privileged life to be honest, a full family, no financial issues, and a 'decent' collection of friends. Generally speaking I was very fit both mentally and physically, never had to work hard to get good grades, natural aptitude for most sports.
Yet something always felt missing. My first year of college showed me how much I really didn't know. I was not ready for life. Not the life I really wanted to live and enjoy. Sure I could live the life everyone aimed for, a college degree, a decent job; but it all felt empty.
I know my method back then perhaps wasn't the greatest, but I went through a year of near isolation, ignoring all classes and only leaving my dorm to spend time with a few friends once a week at most.
I knew intuitively but not explicitly that I needed to destroy my old 'ego' and remake myself, but I didn't know how.
Needless to say I dropped out of college, lost nearly all trust I once had with my parents and began a minimum wage job at the local grocery store. There are so many things I wish I could explain in this short description that I went through, so many things I learned. But to keep things short and sweet, shamanism really found me. I already had the ideas in my head, it was simply the idea of shamanism that helped to bring integrity to it all. I'm no healer, I don't feel the need to be a healer in the classic shamanic sense, but now I have a way to live my life feeling fully satisfied with all of it.