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Amaru Li

The Shaman Path
Shamanism is an ancestral healing therapy technique that reconnects us to a source of higher state of consciousness and wisdom, and it being practiced in modern times as an alternative healing modality. Shamanism regards disease as an imbalance and offers ways to restore and preserve emotional, and spiritual health by re-establishing the body's natural balance. Shamanism recognizes the occurrence of psychosomatic influences. It's activity is mainly translated into mystical practices for restoring health, cleansing, purifying, and improving the relations of the individual with his inner self and the forces of the universe. The shaman's practice is focused on healing arts which were learned through oral traditions. The shaman uses the energy of Mother Earth and directs the Universal Energy for healing. By practicing shamanism we integrate mind, body & spirit into a personal vision of harmony and balance. By learning and participating in healing sessions, meditations, rituals and ceremonies dedicated to honoring and respecting ourselves, as well as, Mother Earth, we transform negative belief patterns into new realities towards a personal and planetary evolution. According to Inca Prophecy, a time of transformation (Pachacuti) will occur, a powerful time for wisdom and awareness of the sacred masculine and feminine energy; a time will merge into a new planetary consciousness.

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