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"Journey to the Fifth World: Coming Full Circle in Healing and Transformation"

Region: Southwest
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico


New release "Journey to the Fifth World:Coming Full Circle in Healing and Transformation." purchase by going to web site
Take a journey as you are guided through a "powerful initiation" into the next Era prophesied by many cultures. This literary, shamanic journey is written in a manner that will not only assist you in having a deeper understanding of what is being asked at this time for your personal evolution but will also navigate you through the changes. New Age, shamanism, psychology, and indigenous wisdom are brought together in a creative synthesis that inspires profound understanding, self relfection and spiritual growth.
review: I have great respect for Michele's visionary and shamanic healing skills and her unwavering integrity with Mative wisdom. Her ability to work with the increasingly powerful energies that are infusing our planet is illuminated in her writing. Michele Ama Wehali has bridged the gap between indigenous and present day medicine ways, in a most respectful, loving and impeccable manner.
GINI GENTRY, NAGUAL WOMAN, teacher of the Toltec Eagle Knight lineage. Founder of the Garden of the Goddess in New Mexico
A clear guide for personal growth. If the reader does not get to have the opportunity to see Michele in a private, group or workshop session, this book is a transformational process that will create movement and change with every page that you turn.

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