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Aluna Healing - Ancient Healing Ways, Retreats & One to One

Aluna Healing - Ancient Healing Ways, Retreats & One to One

Region: Nationwide
Location: Online & Worldwide


We invite you into this sacred space, that we may together remember and weave our ancient starlight presence upon our crystalline Earth..

Honouring the wise ways of ancestral knowledge, working with shamanic healing, bodywork, sound medicine, spiritual ecology, yoga, in online sessions, workshops and retreats, we offer profound work to journey within your being, to clear, realign and awaken a deeper connection with your Origins, and the sacredness of Creation.

It is seen that in order to bring change and transformation to our world, that all healing must begin within, with self. We offer a space of openness and reflection, so that one may listen to the clear voice within and again come to flow with the streams of wisdom that are the original essence of the natural world.

Please visit our website and contact us, thank you:

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