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Awakened Planet - Global Shamanic Training for Women

Awakened Planet - Global Shamanic Training for Women

Region: Nationwide
Location: 100% virtual + annual trip


Become a medicine woman with Global Shamanic Training for Women. Virtual, accessible, inclusive, based on the practice of unconditional love. Learn how to work with energy, connect in sacred community, and bring your medicine into the world. Free assessment of your natural shamanic skills.

In addition to understanding yourself in a deeper way, shamanic study asks you to design a life and business in alignment with your highest purpose. That means you need to know what your highest purpose is and then understand how to bring it into the world. It means you get to enjoy deeply fulfilling, soul-expanding, passionate relationships. It means you live your everyday life in concert with the Unified Field, guided by the power that is available to you in ceremony.

When you're living your medicine, everything works. Learn how!

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