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Feminist Shamanic Journey Drumming CD

Feminist Shamanic Journey Drumming CD

Region: Nationwide
Location: Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest


The shamanic songs, chants, and percussion in this CD were designed by feminist bear shaman Scarlet Kinney to contain the proper level and intensity of trance-inducing sound and percussion to support your journeys with feminine shamanic energy. The first track begins with Kinney’s original song, “Mother Light,” which calls light and energy up from deep within the earth to surround and inspire you as you journey. The second track opens all five directions within the Middle level of shamanic reality for deep, advanced journeying. The call-backs are long and gentle, giving you plenty of time to gradually return from your journeys. The insert contains phonetic and drumbeat notations for the main chants on each track, as well as instructions for smudging and preparing to journey. Available through Kinney’s web site:
Contact information: The Standing Bear Center for Shamanic Studies, 52 Bear Springs Lane, Surry, Maine. Mail: P. O. Box 272, Surry, Maine, 04684. (207)664-0752

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