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Awakening the Beasts of the Dream

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The third volume in Celtic Esoteric Studies Series by b A Boland is released in March 2015 and entitled AWAKENING THE BEASTS OF THE DREAM. It links the Native American and Celtic spiritual systems of knowledge by an interpretation of the ancient manuscript of Ireland called The Táin Bó Cuailgne or THE CATTLE RAID OF COOLEY. It shows that the Celts did have a creation myth and the Táin is the evidence for this when viewed from a the perspective of an energetic system of thinking (it is generally understood that the Celts have no creation myth or star lore that survives to the present). This is an interesting approach and invigorates cosmology and philosophy for all of us. The author was educated in Ireland and has studied in many traditions for a number of decades. Her interest is this series is to draw on the links between Celtic and Native American shamanic practice and shared philosophy.

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