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Earth + Sky + Connect with Valerie

Earth + Sky + Connect with Valerie

Region: Southwest
Location: Mountain View CA


Welcome to Ė The Eagles Path. Ancient Native American traditional beliefs are at the core of my reading style. Iíve also incorporated a bit of curandero and Asian shamanic techniques / traditions, into my sessions. Mainly, the aspect of soul retrieval, dream interpretations, visions and clearing exercises.
I am now offering only online readings, to discover you life path / purpose and help you connect to your spirit guides. Iím here to help you along your soul journey to find your personal life path and vortex or place destination (if you have moving choices) spiritual readings, finding your totem spirit animal (raven, fox, bear, eagle, wolf etc) white sage smudging (clearing), sweet grass healing of body,mind and spirit + career guidance, connection with ancestors and relationship insight. Giving you and overall vision of where youíre going in the future.
I rely mainly on my connection to the spiritual realm or Creator, for guidance. Sometimes, this guidance comes in visions, symbols and through my senses. I have given world prophecies, predictions for 2014, 2016 on my other blog. I may post these later on this new blog.
I do not offer my opinions or advice unless requested. I feel you are a powerful soul and only you can make the best decisions. After all, no one knows you better than yourself. My job is to fill in the blanks or offer confirmation of your own gifts. I am also open to helping you develop your abilities, and give you the confidence you need to pursue your life purpose.
My reading style is compassionate and honest. Love readings are my most common request and I will tell you what I really feel. I donít sugar coat. So call only if your looking for my true feelings about your relationship situation. One size does not fit all, and your situation will be as unique as you are. I can help you with unique issues regarding long distance relationships, friendships and even marriage concerns.

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