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FREE Blue Morpho Ceremony

Region: Nationwide
Location: Globally Online


Blue Morpho Ceremony - A Ceremony Dedicated to Universal Love

December 13th, 8pm MST

Location: Globally - this is a live streaming Shamanic Event

This event is Free. At the time of the broadcast, go to and click on "View Broadcast".

Blue Morpho Ceremony with Maestro Hamilton

Presented by the Blue Morpho Foundation

Blue Morpho Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about higher consciousness through spirituality and shamanism. It has always been the life-long dream of Maestro Hamilton Souther to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to spirituality; the Foundation is the realization of his dream.

A Ceremony dedicated to Universal Love and the end of Global Conflict

The Blue Morpho Ceremony takes participants on a journey through mystical consciousness. Explore non-dualistic spiritual philosophy in trance, where love is the focus and the outcome.

This ceremony is offered once a month, to unite humanity in a sphere of love. Thousands of participants from all over the world have joined to share Universal Love and to raise the collective consciousness. The response has been tremendous and the more we grow the more collective power our ceremonies will hold.

This ceremony is free and dedicated to humanity. The ceremony is open to people of all ages; you do not need a password to access it. It is broadcast on Blue Morpho TV.

Each ceremony guides you through the intentions of:

Connecting with the higher self

Helping you to find your purpose

Helping you reclaim your personal power

Transcending your shadow and freeing you to act without fear

Generating heightened mental clarity

Exploring the mystical universe

Raising your consciousness

Learning universal knowledge and wisdom

Relieving stress and anxiety

This event is Free. At the time of the broadcast, go to and click on "View Broadcast".

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