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Winter Solstice Shamanic Healing Retreat and Plant Spirit Dieta

 Winter Solstice Shamanic Healing Retreat and Plant Spirit Dieta

Region: Portugal
Location: Algarve


Winter Solstice Shamanic Healing Retreat and Plant Spirit Dieta

In the Eastern Algarve, Portugal
December 17th 23rd 2014

Spaces are now open for this healing retreat over the winter solstice of 2014.

The retreat is a journey of healing and awakening consciousness through shamanic ceremonies, plant baths, special cleansing diets and alignments with the sacred plant teachers.

This work will involve applying ancient teachings, that have been passed down by indigenous cultures who have retained a pristine connection. You will be guided on how to begin to gather elements of power through the art of recapitulation and confession in alignment with the Great Mother, deepening our relationship to Her as individual souls. Through this process a realignment with our Essence begins, offering us tools with which to live our lives, helping us navigate our life paths towards the fulfillment our soul's contract and Divine purpose in this lifetime. It is with this understanding that we will enter the ceremonial spaces.

This sacred medicine retreat offers you the opportunity to experience shamanic healing through a profound and life changing journey, free from the distractions of every day modern living. The retreat will include either 3 healing ceremonies (one every other evening), daily plant baths, a plant spirit dieta, yoga classes, personal guidance and support, along with an high-vibrational diet (with raw/vegan options) especially suited to support the integration of the wisdom transmitted by the plants.

The work we do on these retreats is focused on holistic healing using spiritual energy, specific diets and medicinal plants. Our retreats are open to anyone who is seriously committed to the healing of their body, mind, emotions and spirit and are looking for a deeper understanding of themselves and the nature of the world we live in.

Each applicant will require a reading to ensure that they are ready and it is the right time to enter such a deep work, as there are many different ways in life that we can be energetically wounded and often these wounds are used as infiltration points by shadow/dark/negative forces. In order to protect the integrity of the group space, it is important that certain types of entities and disruptive energies are disconnected and cleansed beforehand. In such cases we will sometimes have to direct certain individuals through another process before they can safely attend.

The plants are used in healing ceremonies as diagnostic and purgative tools to work with the root of a dis-ease or dysfunction in a person. The ceremonies help people to deeply cleanse their mind and body of blocked and negative emotions and mental patterns sometimes held from childhood traumas and abuses or from past life experiences. We will be working with sacred healing plants that have been used for thousands of years to heal on every level of our being; on the physical and non physical bodies; the consciousness, the emotions and the spirit. Part of the process is a deep purging of physical, emotional and spiritual issues accumulated within your body and mind.

One of the most important aspects to working within the traditional contexts of shamanic healing with these plants is adhering to a time-honoured tradition of following a special diet in order to prepare not just the body, but also the mind and soul to be able to receive the healing energy of plants and spirits.

Through our retreats we provide the appropriate conditions that enable participants to work in a comfortable, secure and positive setting creating a safe, sacred space for all involved to heal and grow.

Individual massage, healing and shamanic bodywork sessions will be available throughout the week, and our team of facilitators will be present to support and assist you through your process and journey into a new consciousness.

Our venue is a residential Retreat Centre in the heart of the Algarve, in Portugal. The Centre is nestled in a beautiful valley which creates the supportive, nurturing and tranquil environment for a healing retreat. It has a natural beauty: blue skies, plenty of stars, a peaceful nature, clean and light studios for practices and ceremonial work, a swimming pool and lots of space to relax and be still both indoors and in nature.

Accommodation is offered as single or double rooms. There are 12 bungalows which accommodate 1-2 people, which are out on the land, quiet and rustic, as well as 9 rooms within the main house. Guests may choose where they would like to stay, with first choice given to those who book first.

The reciprocity for this retreat is 1100 for 7 days. This includes all meals, accommodation and plant medicines. Personal massage and healing sessions will be also available and can be booked in advance or while on retreat.

We will also be offering a limited number of concessional spaces (including concessional rates to Portugese participants), please contact us for more details.

If you are interested or would like to reserve your space, contact, or visit

We are also available to speak on skype by request.

Thank you

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