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3rd Annual North west Shamans Summit.

Region: Northwest
Location: 1530 Orin-rice rd. Rice Wa. 99167


This years Summit theme is the Higher Self.
This Shamanic Summit , may be for you if you would like to learn more about :
A.. your higher self / authentic self
B.. compassion
C.. co-creating your life
D.. yasodhara dream yoga skills
E.. shamanic dream skills
F.. kundalini yoga
G.. the medicine wheel
H.. shamanic energy healing
I.. your relationship with mother earth
J.. shamanic song and story

This three day shamanic summit will have 13 shamanic , and 2 yoga presenters.
Time : may 29 , thru may 31 , 2015
Questions : Contact Kyle @ 509-288-0511 , or Jerry @

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