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SOUL TOURS - A unique Southern African Tour Experience

SOUL TOURS - A unique Southern African Tour Experience

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We at Soul Tours are dedicated to providing authentic, life-changing experiences to those who are interested in exploring beautiful places imbued with spiritual significance, as well as connecting with kindred souls along the way.

Many of us, when planning a trip or a well-earned holiday, are looking beyond mainstream tourism: we are looking to visit places where we can experience a true connection to the landscape and those who live there: plants, animals and people.

We will lead you on a journey to places where the ancients have left their mark in the form megalithic marker-stones which are aligned to the passage of the sun, moon and stars as they traverse the heavens. You will see the beautiful and mysterious rock paintings of the San people, and we will help you to understand the spiritual significance enshrined within these sacred places. You will interact with indigenous cultures and experience first-hand their rituals, customs and way of life.

Join us for a life altering experience that will transform the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

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