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Tabaco Plant Medicine / Healing Retreats

Tabaco Plant Medicine / Healing Retreats

Region: Austria
Location: Barcelona Spain


According the Amazon healing tradition, the participants will be on a dietary food which consist marjory of fruits and vegetables. The retreats are between 3,7,14 days. During the retreat the participants will ingest Tabaco whit other plants which is facilitating the process of cleansing the body, mind and spirit from negative energys. Tabaco is the most potent cleanser in the plant world. The ceremonies are made by small gorps of no more than 4 or 5 persons. In this way I can work with all the participants all the time from the beginning till the end of the ceremony. Tabaco Plant Medicine ceremonies are very strong and intensive. The benefits are cleaning of all kind of negative energies like depressions and bad feelings and enjoying inner peace, wellbeing, happiness, reduction of internal dialog, connection whit your inner being. The goal is healing on all levels mind, body, spirit. Contact me for all kind of questions on the email

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