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Church of Earth Healing

Region: Midwest
Location: Athens Ohio


The Church of Earth Healing, chartered in the state of Ohio, promotes the healing of Mother Earth through spiritual and religious means, based in a pantheistic, polytheistic worldview. All Creation is a manifestation of the Divine; Earth, our home, is the grounding of all Creation.
We hold a vision of the world and all her inhabitants as whole: spiritually, socially, physically and ecologically. We are dedicated to planting spiritual seeds of transformation, healing, self-empowerment, love, and balance, through a ministry of teaching, healing, and pastoral guidance.
The Church offers celebratory rituals and services honoring the earth-centered ways of our ancestors. Our drumming circle has been meeting weekly since 1989 to offer shamanic healing to our members and our community.
Church clergy offer pastoral counseling and healing, and teach a range of courses in shamanism and other spiritually based healing and divinatory practices. These services support the ministry of the Church. The Church of Earth Healing has provided teaching, healing and spiritual counseling within a shamanic framework in Athens County, Ohio under the guidance of its founding ministers since 1990.

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