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A Pachamama Song - Fundraiser for the Children of the Haiti Earthquake

A Pachamama Song - Fundraiser for the Children of the Haiti Earthquake

Region: Canada
Location: Online $1 mp3 download


It was about 12 years ago or more when i was initiated as a mesa carrier that i first heard and learned the beautiful Pachamama song, a sweet lullaby for our blessed earth mother, sung in Quechua...

The Pachamama Song was given to us to sing and share as a loving gift from the Q'ero mountain people of Peru...

It only seems fitting to offer my own humble recording of this song - a small way to give back to a very special project of the heart...

The "Haiti Circle of Support"...

Dear sister-friend Valorie Lordi has been sharing her work about this project since the devastating earthquake happened in Haiti over three years ago in 2010 - an ongoing project of the Dominican Sisters to assist the children of Haiti - with the funds they are raising, they are rebuilding an orphanage - see video on youtube at:

It's only $1+ for the mp3 download song which you can upload to your iphone/ipad or digital music player and enjoy - you can also 'gift' this song to someone you love too, if you wish... enjoy!

Thank you with much gratitude for your support!!!
with love and light in all-ways, weaver x (((o)))

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