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Earth Spirit Retreats - Deep Amazon Wisdom Keepers Retreat

Earth Spirit Retreats - Deep Amazon Wisdom Keepers Retreat

Region: Peru
Location: Amazon Jungle


Our Earth Spirit Deep Amazon Retreat is a ten or fourteen day retreat immersed in the Amazon Jungle with the sacred Plant Medicines of the Amazon.

We work with an authentic Amazonian Shaman who comes from an impeccable lineage of plant doctors in Peru and with his more than 40 years of experience is a well known and highly regarded Jaguar Shaman.

This retreat gives us the opportunity of experiencing deep Ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies with the magical healing and transformative powers of the amazing Amazon Jungle.

We are experienced, competent & highly skilled & have successfully facilitated retreats with traditional Master Shamans for nearly a decade.

Through our Earth Spirit Retreats, we are dedicated to facilitating powerful and life changing experiences, allowing all to shape the future, be strong and effective in the present and release past stories and perceptions.
Transformation is possible on all levels, deepening our connection with Mother Earth and ourselves.

We look forward to meeting you in Peru!
Tanya & Gerardo

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