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Appreinticeship in Andean Shamanism Online Course

Appreinticeship in Andean Shamanism Online Course

Region: Midwest
Location: West Virginia


The course is a self paced study, training, and initiations to the high Fourth level Kurak Akulleq.This is the right eyed side Pana, and middle eye Chumpi traditions of the Priesthood.
As was taught and passed to me from my teacher Don Juan Nunez del Prado.

The teaching include The Lliupacha Yuyaychay or cosmo vision, Connecting to the sacred environment, Wachay planting the transformational seed of the Inca, Winay Germination of seed, Phutuy sprouting and flowering, the human powers of Yachay, Munay, and Llanka,Cosmology of ritual, Ceremonies, Katchi nawi, and the Chumpi away, Levels of consciousness, Hoocha mikhuy, the Sami chukway, and Sawi chukway,and more.

You also will be invited to take place and help in rituals with me through out the year, you will also have a chance to go with me to Peru and work with myself and the Qero healers.

I hope I covered all of your questions, if you have any others or to enroll write me at: The course is ready and I am now taking enrollment.

Your brother in light

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