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Astroshamanic Consultations

Astroshamanic Consultations

Region: Italy
Location: Rome


Sessions typically last from 60 to 90 minutes and can be in-person or distant (over the phone or Skype).

A session is preceded by a preliminary exploration of the astrological chart through a shamanic journey. The session itself consists of an interview aimed at clarifying your issues or intention, a suitable practice and an analysis of what emerged during the practice. The purpose is to identify the main areas of strength or potential, of weakness and grievances, allowing a deeper connection with yourself, relevant people in your life, your environment and your experience of the Divine.

The session is also aimed at identifying empowering and healing practices and remedies that can be used for some time in order to support and implement what has emerged in the session.

Each session is geared according to the current situation and intent of the client. The aim is to focus on prominent issues, both from an ordinary and multidimensional perspective, releasing grievances, while uncovering authentic talents and finding empowering guidance.

In order to make sure that our work is available to all people, regardless of their financial circumstances, we offer prices with a sliding scale based on income, including bursaries, concessions and free charitable work. Your donations, of any size, help us continue our volunteer work.

Fees for an in-person or distant session (one hour, plus preliminary assessment and assistance) are income related: Euro 60, or 50, or $ 75 (low), Euro 75, or 65, or $100 (medium), Euro 90, or 75, or $120 (high). Bursaries and concessions are available for those who cannot afford the low fee. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

During the time after the session Franco Santoro remains available for assistance. Though the first session is autonomous and can provide significant guidance, for a complete assessment Franco recommends a minimum cycle of three sessions. Further follow-up and multiple sessions are also possible.

If you wish to arrange a session, please contact:
Franco Santoro,

Further information at:

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