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Authentic Celtic Shamanism with Teacher Siaran NicLeoid

Authentic Celtic Shamanism with Teacher Siaran NicLeoid

Region: Nationwide
Location: Western Massachusetts


Celtic writer, teacher, singer and shamanic practitioner Sharon Paice MacLeod (Siaran Anna NicLeoid) provides training in authentic Celtic religion and shamanism. Born in Canada, her grandmother was from Aberdeen, Scotland; She is a direct descendant of 'Fairy Clan' MacLeod.

She trained in Celtic Studies through Harvard University in order to learn the Celtic languages (ancient and modern) as a gateway to understanding Celtic culture, history, mythology, poetry, religion, folklore and shamanic traditions.

Her work focuses on the respectful and historically accurate study, preservation and transmission of Celtic spiritual and shamanic traditions, and seeks to present the true voices of the elders and ancestors, rather than projecting modern Neo-Pagan and New Age beliefs onto this native culture.

Author of "Celtic Myth and Religion" (McFarland).
Director, Eolas ar Senchas.

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