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FREE SHAMANIC Extraction Sessions

Region: West
Location: West Covina


I will be offering some FREE SHAMANIC Extraction Sessions as a Gift to whoever needs them in our community.


If you have experienced trauma in your life, weak spots may have appeared in your energetic field, preventing you to fully unfold your spiritual practice or other aspects in your life.

These spots have the propensity to form energetic blocks and hold negative energy, which may not totally disappear, but move to different areas until it is properly pulled out and the space refilled with light. In this way, your personal power is restored and you are able to re-own your energetic field as perfect and complete, enjoying vibrant health at all levels!

Not everyone needs Shamanic Extraction, but if you feel that there is an energy blockage in you that is not letting you be who you truly are, you can RSVP and email me letting me know your situation, so that I can let you know whether Shamanic Extraction can help your situation and set a time for your free session. CONTACT:

Wishing you great Love and Happiness!

Victoria Vives Khuong

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