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Ancient Words of Power: The Law of Attraction Divined

Ancient Words of Power:  The Law of Attraction Divined

Region: Alaska
Location: Global


Reclaim your power, grace, legacy and flow through the ancient knowledge of Humanity's Birthright. Through this insightful guide, Shaman Emenike La guides you to take the reins of spiritual power for flow in every area in your life. He guides you through the step by step process of releasing past trauma, reclaiming your individual medicine lineage, and communicating with the forces of nature and magic. He provides a blueprint for a planetary shamanism that transcends the boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, and intellectualism, bringing us back to a common ground of deep collective purpose and wisdom in shifting the global world order. His first person narrative is the account of a Gatekeeper who did the work to recover the lost medicines of his lineage, heal the rift of being torn from his homeland, and initiate a new leadership in wisdom based planetary growth.

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