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Beauty All Around: Songs From Spirit Hollow, Vol. I

Region: Northeast
Location: Southwestern Vermont


We are taking orders for our first-ever Spirit Hollow CD, entitled Beauty All Around: Songs from Spirit Hollow, Vol. 1, which is being released April 10.
It's been a long-time dream of ours to share these beautiful songs received at or inspired by Spirit Hollow, its gentle, powerful land and supporting spirits and devas.
At least fifteen different Spirit Hollow friends contributed voices, songs, instruments and love to make this recording moving, inspiring, and uplifting. These are songs of love, gratitude, devotion, and community.
YOU CAN go to our website and hear samples of these songs right on your computer.
You can also order a CD at the website or by emailing or calling us here at 802-447-3895.
The proceeds from the sale of this CD will go into the Capital Fund to support the growth of this incredible place. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Amma ( to help support her humanitarian efforts worldwide.

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